CJ Gardner-Johnson Sends Message To Eagles Fans After Signing With Lions

CJ Gardner-Johnson

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

It’s been a roller coaster of an offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles, as they’ve lost some prominent players while maintaining a solid core of the roster.

Despite that, some fans were upset when CJ Gardner-Johnson chose to sign with the Detroit Lions. Especially since many believed contract talks went south.

Now, the star safety sends a message to the Eagles fanbase.

According to Kevin Patra, CJ Gardner-Johnson claims there is “no bad blood” between himself and the franchise. Here is his full quote.

“I’m not disappointed. I mean, we went to the Super Bowl. I mean, obviously we didn’t win it, but the experience that I had, I don’t have no bad blood. I mean, people overreact to a tweet in free agency, but it was never disrespectful to the organization. The organization treated me like family. It’s just, you got to do what’s best for your family. That’s all it is.”

Additionally, it sure sounds like CJ Gardner-Johnson is ready to get to work with the Lions, per Patra. “It is what it is. The past is the past. I’m here now with a brand-new team, new city, ready to win some games.”

So, it sounds like Gardner-Johnson made the decision he felt was best for his family. He’s likely making more money in this single year than what the Philadelphia Eagles offered him in the reported multi-year contract.

Although the Eagles lost CJ Gardner-Johnson in free agency, it’s not like they’re lacking in the secondary. Darius Slay is still on the team and many believe James Bradberry is a great compliment.

With that said, look for Philadelphia to remain competitive without CJ Gardner-Johnson on the roster.