Dan Orlovsky Legitimately Thinks That Tom Brady Is The Best QB In The NFL

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Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all-time, he’s the undisputed GOAT, but the best quarterback in the league in the year 2020? That’s a stretch, but not according to ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky.

On Monday’s edition of ‘Get Up’, the former NFL quarterback explained that he believes Brady is the best quarterback in the league today when he’s properly protected.

“Tom Brady is literally carving defenses up at 43-years-old. The most underrated part of this football team is the offensive line,” Orlovsky said. “Here’s the thing, if they protect him, which they have, he’s the best quarterback in football. There’s not a throw that he can not make, there’s not a defense he has not seen.”

That is a bold statement from Orlovsky. Is Brady one of the best quarterbacks in the league? Yes, absolutely, and he probably will be until the day he retires, but there’s at least one quarterback that plays for a certain team in Kansas City that may like a word.

It’s worth noting that Orlovsky’s claim here comes just a day after Brady lit up the Raiders’ defense for 369 yards and four touchdowns, but Las Vegas has the fifth-worst passing defense in football. This is recency bias at its finest and Orlovsky trying to create a bit of buzz around his name, which hey, he’s in the entertainment business so you can’t fault him for it.

Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL. Full stop.

Brady is surprising everyone with his numbers and the ability he’s shown this season at 43-years-old. His 1,910 passing yards are the sixth most in the league and his 18 touchdowns are second-most in the NFL.

It’s fine to say that he’s playing great football at the moment and could very well lead this Bucs team to a Super Bowl, but until we see him string together a few more wins and stay toward the top of statistical categories for the season we need to go ahead and shut this conversation about him being the best in the league down.