Dana White Makes Wild Claim About Power Slap’s Social Media Metrics

Getty Image

UFC president Dana White has never lacked for confidence.

So when it comes to the start-up Power Slap league, why would things be any different?

The slap “fighting” league, which White promotes and produces, was created in 2022 and began with a television deal on TBS.

But the show lasted just one season before it was canned by the network. It then moved onto the streaming platform Rumble, and White claims the league is still on the rise despite its detractors.

“It’s been incredible. The deal that I just got for Slap is bigger than the UFC deal we got with Spike after the first season of The Ultimate Fighter,” said White. “I don’t give a **** what the media says about it. They don’t matter.”

He then proceeded to make an incredible claim, stating that there isn’t an American sport bigger than Power Slap when you take social media into account.

“Not only is it unbelievable money-wise, it’s been unbelievable as far as social media goes,” said White. “We’re number one in all of sports. And when I say all of sports, if you take the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, F1, WWE, and who am I forgetting, and added them all together, their numbers don’t compare to Slap’s.”

The league currently 120,000 YouTube subscribers, 21,900 Twitter followers, 3.2 million TikTok followers, 868,000 Instagram followers, 177,000 Facebook followers, and 65,900 subscribers on their Rumble channel.

The NBA has 83 million Instagram followers, 19.2 million TikTok followers and 20.4 million YouTube subscribers. Formula One’s own digital platforms and social media reached 4.9 billion views in 2022. Oh, and WWE has over 94 million YouTube subscribers, 21.3 million TikTok followers, 13.2 million Twitter followers, 28.1 million Instagram followers, and 42 million Facebook fans.

Maybe White doesn’t know how to count.

Maybe he’s privy to secret information than we can’t see.

But as of now, his claims look a bit ridiculous.