Dana White Strafes The Media With Barrage Of F-Bombs In Unhinged Rant

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UFC and Power Slap boss Dana White, for some reason, absolutely hates almost everyone in the media. Or at least those who don’t write exactly what he wants them to write, which, when you think about it, is almost everyone in the media.

White’s stance towards the press was never more evident than it was during his recent appearance on My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox. (My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox is, according to its YouTube bio, “Robbie Fox and his friends bringing you anything/everything you’d talk about in your mom’s basement – from comic books, to professional wrestling, music, movies, and more!”)

But first, before we get to Dana White’s profane rant against the media, a little backstory.

White recently flew Fox, a Barstool Sports employee, out to Las Vegas for a Power Slap event.

During the interview, Fox thanks Dana for the free trip, which was seen by many in the media as a huge conflict of interest.

Fox told White that as a result of him being flown out the Vegas on Power Slap’s dime, he has received some backlash from several people in the MMA media.

“There were a number of MMA media sites who wrote articles about how unprofessional it was for me to come out to the event, being that you flew me out” Fox explained to Dana White.

“I just want to clear the air here that, you can confirm this hopefully, you didn’t fly me out because I am a media member, but because of my status as a status as a world famous celebrity.”

“100 percent,” White replied, “as an influencer.

“You know what, dude?” Dana continued. “Tell the rest of the media who think they’re professional to kiss your [expletive] [expletive]. Every one of those [expletive] scumbags are a bunch of unprofessional [expletive] douchebags. [expletive] every one of ‘em. They’re all awful.

“I would love to see which ‘professionals’ are calling you unprofessional,” White added. “They’re a bunch of [expletive] bloggers, they’re all full of [expletive]. They’re not media, they’re bloggers. Big difference.”

Fox then tried defending bloggers because, well, he is one.

“100 [expletive] percent. Exactly,” White replied, making no sense.

By the way, Fox is being honest here. It says right in his Barstool Sports bio, “I blog about MMA, professional wrestling, nerdy s***, movies, music, and more.”

White, however, wasn’t done and continued to steamroll the MMA media.

“Listen. Let me tell you how [expletive] powerful and influential the media is,” White contined. “If it was up to the media, the UFC would have never [expletive] made it, okay? If it was up to the media, we would have never gone through COVID. If it was up to the media that had any type of influence or power, if they mattered whatsoever, Power Slap would not be doing what it’s doing right now. So, let ‘em [expletive] talk.”

Dana then classily flipped the double bird.

Wow. That’ll show everyone in the media not to mess with him, for sure.

If your ears aren’t too sensitive you can see and hear all of Dana White’s rant against the media at this link.

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