Dana White Reacts To Horrific Reffing Incident At Partner MMA Company FFC

Dana White

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

Fury FC is another MMA league that is a partner with the UFC. They had an event recently that has gained a ton of attention.

Unfortunately, that attention is due to the fact that a referee went viral for not calling the fight when it was very clearly over. Dana White now responds.

Here is the viral video in question. You can hear pretty much everyone near the cage yelling at the referee to stop the fight.

That might just be the worst reffing in MMA history. What makes it worse, is that referee was also a judge at UFC’s latest event on March 25.

Dana White was asked about the viral clip and recalled the time he removed a former referee from the UFC for doing something similar.

It’s hard to imagine that referee sees the octagon again. However, considering he’s a judge is a whole other problem.

Additionally, Gianni Vazquez, the fighter who was submitted, reveals that due to the referee’s total blunder he has suffered, “a potential fracture on my arm and some ligaments damaged too,” per MMA Junkie.

Here is Vasquez’s Instagram post with his full statement on the bout.

In the end, we hope that referee is removed from MMA similar to how Dana White removed Steve Mazzagatti years ago.