Dana White Wants To Host Packed UFC Event In Texas ASAP After Governor Abbott Removed All Covid-19 Restrictions

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Dana White wants to host a packed UFC event filled with fans in Texas after governor Gregg Abbott removed all Covid-19 restrictions.

Earlier this week, governor Abbott announced that he was fully opening the state and allowing all businesses to operate at 100 percent capacity.

While speaking to the media on Thursday, White expressed interest in moving an event to the Lone Star state as soon as Abbott’s new orders go into effect next week.

“I want to go to Texas ASAP,” “I’ll go in the next two, three weeks. I’m ready to roll. We’ll be first. We’ll open this thing up, we’ll sell it out and be on our way.”

I’m ready to go,” White said. “I’d move this one (UFC 259 on Saturday) if we could. I told everybody when this opened up that I would be first and we would go first. And we will. … If we could do it, we’d do it.”

White has yet to find a city in Texas that has accepted his offer but he’s still making calls.