Daniel Bryan Injury Goes From Bad To Worse To Whatever The Hell This News Means

Here’s a news story that can serve as evidence that the wrestling world misses Daniel Bryan immensely — even the stories backing up other old stories are news-worthy.

Back in May, SEScoops reported that Bryan’s recover wasn’t going as well as he or the WWE hoped. The WWE and Bryan didn’t do much to dispel those rumors besides the typical “everything is going fine and there is no reason to freak out.”

SEScoops is once again reporting IT’S TIME TO FREAK OUT.

The latest as of Monday night is that Bryan is seeing no improvement with his arm. Backstage at RAW from Atlanta, a lot of the talent was  talking about the fact Bryan may be getting the “Tommy John Surgery.”

Not just Tommy John surgery but THE Tommy John surgery. The surgery to end all surgeries. This can only mean the surgery will repair Bryan once and for all or it will literally turn him into Tommy John. And not the 1980s version of Tommy John but the 2014 version where he’s about as athletic as a Bella with one hand tied behind her back.

Our friends over at With Spandex are hoping for a swerve and a Royal Rumble return for everyone’s favorite wrestler. I wish I could be so damn positive.

If this rumor is true, Bryan could be on the shelf for another year. That means another year of Brie Mode and “Yes!” chants for the most “NO!” female wrestler of all time.

H/T SEScoops