Daniel Bryan Just Announced The News Every WWE Fan Suspected Months Ago


Daniel Bryan, beloved underdog and former billy goat, is teasing possible retire from in-ring action. Bryan is expected to elaborating on his current status tonight on Raw as we all just learned from reading. This is sad news for fans of Daniel Bryan, solid wrestling and fans of anyone really bored with the current WWE product.

Bryan has been trying for months to get the WWE to clear him to wrestle and every doctor has said “not a good idea” to the leader of the Yes! movement getting into the ring. There are rumors that Bryan could still be involved in WrestleMania 32 in some capacity, and now that he’s possibly laced up the boots for the last time, this might not be a bad way to get him involved.

It’s doubtful that this is some type of angle and Bryan is actually getting ready to wrestle again. If it’s a work, somebody internally let Sami Zayn know he’s getting worked.

Hopefully now that his in-ring career is behind him, Bryan can focus on other ventures. I wonder how HisNet is coming along.

[via Twitter]

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