Here’s The Moment Daniel Cormier Found Out His Huge Money Fight With Jon Jones Was Not Going To Happen

daniel cormier fight jon jones

YouTube - UFC

Daniel Cormier has been waiting for a long time to fight Jon Jones, a man he most certainly does not like. Not only would it validate his career, making him the undisputed champ, it also would be the biggest payday he’s ever received.

So when Jones failed his drug test and Dana White had to break the news to Cormier that the fight was off, you can imagine the emotions that he felt at that moment.

Cormier wanted this fight to happen so bad that he even asks White if there is some kind of release he can sign so the fight could still go on at UFC 200.

Thankfully for Cormier, instead of going from perhaps making millions to making nothing Anderson Silva has stepped up and will fight him in a non-title match. It won’t be the main event anymore, that now goes to Lesnar-Hunt, but at least he’ll still be getting a very good paycheck.

(Skip to the 4:10 mark if it doesn’t do so automatically.)

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