High Schooler Invites Daniel Negreanu To His Poker Game And Gets Way More Than He Asked For

Daniel Negreanu poker player

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Poker pro Daniel Negreanu, aka the Kid Poker, was out walking his dogs on Sunday when a high school kid wearing a suit approached him.

The kid proceeded to invite Negreanu to their poker game at home. Telling him “My friends are coming over in an hour playing our last poker game before going off to college. I know it’s a lot to ask, but will you stop by and say hello to them?”

Daniel Negreanu then went on Twitter, tweeted the above with a poll asking if he should show up. An overwhelming 89% of respondents said he should go to the game. Someone asked if this was a kid Daniel had seen around the neighborhood and he clarified “no, never seen him before.”

Despite not knowing the kid or his friends. Daniel Negreanu proceeded to show up to their home poker game with GG Poker gifts. It was the crew’s last night together before college and the Kid Poker helped them have one of the best nights ever. Here’s how it all went down:

One of them tweeted at Poker Hall of Famer begging him to come. Obviously, he went. Negreanu showed up with gifts too:

I love that the crew we wearing suits to play poker for pocket change with Negreanu, a guy with $51,077,624 in live poker earnings (not including cash games) according to HendonMob.

Daniel came with Benjamins only to discover that the kids weren’t playing for much money. So he did a really nice gesture and had them add $5 from his money to every pot until it was gone.

The first hand breakdown of the night from Daniel Negreanu. He got the aggressive kid on his right, not ideal.

Down to the final table:

What was this kid thinking?! He had to know that Daniel Negreanu would have him beat…

The poker world loved seeing this last night. Negreanu’s tweets (X, formerly known as Twitter) racked up hundreds of retweets.

You could make a case that Daniel is the most famous poker player on earth. Or at least one of the top 3. And he’s been overly active on Twitter since the 2023 World Series of Poker wrapped up, joking recently that the comedown from the WSOP has been difficult.

To see him show up at these high schooler’s game on their last night together before college really is a special night. He’s always seemed like a really good dude and moments like this just reinforce that. Showing up with gifts was going the extra mile. You love to see it.

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