Daniel Snyder’s Latest Ploy May Be A Sign That He’s Close To Completing Sale Of Washington Commanders

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While the Washington Commanders are slowly but surely building a pretty solid team on the field, quarterback aside, all the talk this offseason has followed the organization’s dealings off the field.

That talk has almost exclusively followed the misdeeds of owner Daniel Snyder.

Snyder has spent the better part of the last year under investigation from both the NFL and the federal government. The topics of those investigations range from workplace misconduct to financial fraud.

On top of that, Snyder has been linked with a sale of the team. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is at the front of the sale talks. But plenty of other big-money names have been involved.

There’s been some talk that Snyder may not want to sell the team. But he also may not have a choice. And his latest actions show that a sale could be coming soon.

Daniel Snyder Declines To Participate In Commanders Investigation, Hinting At Sale

Mark Maske, Nicki Jhabvala and Liz Clarke of the Washington Post report that Snyder has declined to speak with NFL investigator Mary Jo White. White is conducting a second investigation in to the team. The results of the investigation could very affect any potential sale. And NFL owners are waiting with baited breath.

“The owners are pausing any consideration of removing Snyder from ownership of the Commanders, two people with direct knowledge of the owners’ views said Friday. The owners, they said, will wait to see over the coming weeks and possibly months what occurs with Snyder’s attempt to sell the franchise, his efforts to secure indemnification against legal liability and the potential completion of White’s investigation.

One of those people said Friday that White could make a push “over the next month or so” to complete her ongoing investigation. It is not clear whether White would submit her findings without Snyder’s participation or to what extent his refusal to be interviewed has slowed the process.” – via The Washington Post

Snyder isn’t forced to cooperate with the investigation. And it would make all the sense in the world for him not to. Especially if he intends to sell the team in the near future.

Should a sale go through, the NFL might be inclined to half the investigation altogether.