NFL Defensive End Darnell Dockett Almost Got Kicked Out Of His Jury Duty For Live-Tweeting The Entire Thing

Jury duty is portrayed to be almost as fun as watching paint dry which, if you ask me, is a pretty good deal considering you get lunch provided to you and I THINK, if I remember all my 1990’s John Grisham crime thriller movies correctly, you get something like $15 a day. Free food and money, plus if you’re lucky the case is actually exciting like triple homicide with a side of necrophilia rather than something lame like petty theft. No one is going to give a shit about your petty theft jury duty, but a story about the time how you voted “Not Guilty” for the guy who allegedly murdered 3 strangers in a McDonald’s and then tried to turn them into real-life Muppets by fisting them? THAT’S a killer story for small talk!

Unfortunately for Arizona Cardinals Darnell Dockett, he got stuck with a lame case for jury duty, so to amuse himself he live-tweeted the entire thing.

For those of you who are unaware, you are not supposed to live-tweet jury duty.

And as for whether or not Dockett is going to be stuck being on that jury despite his shenanigans…:

[H/T Total Frat Move, images via Twitter]