Darren Till: McGregor Is Done, Danis Will ‘100%’ Pull Out Of Logan Paul Fight

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Former UFC Welterweight title challenger Darren Till spoke to to SportsLens.com this week and shared his thoughts on Conor McGregor, McGregor’s pal Dillon Danis, and Logan Paul.

Till, who requested his release from the UFC on February 28th of this year, does not believe McGregor is ever going to return to the UFC, despite Conor’s numerous claims to the contrary.

“Conor’s never coming back, in my opinion,” Till said. “Conor’s struggling to let go. He doesn’t want to let it go. But it’s time to let go. He’s older, he doesn’t train like he used to. He’s got the money and his beautiful kids, and the only problem is that he just does not want to let it go. There’s going to come a day where he realizes he’s fighting with himself and has to let go.

“Every recording on Twitter he’s just drunk as f*** and I’m just crying my eyes out laughing at him. It will take him a while, but he’ll find his peace. My opinion of Conor is you have to respect what he’s done, but it’s time to let go. He’s struggling to let go.”

Till did later backtrack a little on his statement, admitting Conor McGregor is “a smarter businessman than most, so you have to trust what he’s doing.”

However, Till did not backtrack on an even more definitive statement about McGregor’s pal Dillon Danis. Danis is scheduled to box Logan Paul on October 14th.

“Dillon Danis is going to pull out of the fight 100%,” Till said. “He’s not going to take the fight, I’m sure of that, but I’m ready to step in any time and they can contact me or my management. All the details are on Twitter. It’s creating a lot of hype and interest but they’re just all so s****.”

Based on this conversation, it definitely sounds like Till is looking to transition to the boxing ring.

“Mike Perry, Logan Paul, Dillon Danis, Jake Paul, Nate Diaz. Any f****** one, any f****** time. I’m ready,” he said.