New Data Reveals That 49ers QB Brock Purdy Scored Insanely High On His S2 Cognition Test

Brock Purdy

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It has been revealed that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy reportedly scored in the mid-90s on the S2 Cognition test, according to a report by Matt Barrows of The Athletic.

The S2 Cognition test, administered to nearly 800 draft prospects annually, aims to assess an athlete’s cognitive processing abilities, specifically their speed and accuracy in processing information. Historically, top quarterbacks have excelled in this test, and Purdy’s results have drawn comparisons to the likes of former NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan has consistently expressed his confidence in Purdy as the team’s starting quarterback when he is healthy, and these test results seem to reinforce his belief.

Purdy’s impressive performance on the S2 Cognition test indicates that his ability to process information quickly and accurately is on par with elite quarterbacks in the league. This revelation sheds light on the potential behind Purdy’s success as a rookie for the 49ers.

The S2 Cognition test is not an intelligence test like the Wonderlic exam commonly used in the NFL scouting process. Instead, it focuses on assessing an athlete’s cognitive processing abilities. It is often referred to as the “40-yard dash for the brain.” The test results are seen as predictive indicators of an athlete’s ability to adapt and make decisions quickly on the field.

Brandon Ally, a neuroscientist and co-founder of Nashville-based S2 Cognition, commented on Purdy’s test results, stating, “The game will never be too fast for Brock, I’ll say that. I don’t think he’ll ever have trouble adjusting.”

Ally also mentioned that the interest in cognitive data among general managers has grown to the point where testing begins as soon as players declare for the draft.

While the exact score was not disclosed due to privacy reasons, it was revealed that Purdy’s score on the S2 Cognition test landed in the “mid 90s.” This places him in the same range as renowned quarterbacks like future Saints Hall of Famer Drew Brees.

Other notable quarterbacks, such as Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills, also scored in this range. Furthermore, Joe Burrow, the star quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, scored in the 97th percentile, showcasing the test’s predictive capabilities.

Ally noted: “We consider anything above the 80th percentile to be elite,”

Purdy’s outstanding performance in the S2 Cognition test comes after his impressive rookie season with the 49ers. Despite being selected as the last pick in the 2022 draft, Purdy showcased his potential during an eight-game stretch, including the playoffs. While he may have limitations as a thrower, Purdy’s ability to improvise and make plays when the original plan broke down made the 49ers’ offense more dangerous than they were under their former quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Purdy remained undefeated in his five starts during the regular season, consistently throwing for at least two touchdowns per game. If he can stay healthy, it seems likely that Purdy will be the starting quarterback for the 49ers at the beginning of the 2023 season and potentially beyond.

His remarkable test results and impressive rookie campaign have solidified his position as a promising talent in the NFL and a key player for the San Francisco 49ers.