Dave Bautista Had Some Extremely Strong Words For Manny Pacquiao And His Anti-Gay Comments

Manny Pacquiao was recently dropped from Nike, and understandably so, after the boxer made some not-so-subtle anti-gay comments on Instagram.

In fact, they were pretty damn deplorable.

Jesus, Manny. Of course, as always, the post was deleted and a prompt apology was issued. But it was far too late to save face and his disturbing comments have since drawn the ire of many, and that includes former WWE star and terrifying individual, Dave Bautista, who was very direct and candid with his opinion.

Yes, “he’s a fucking idiot” sums it up rather nicely and succinctly.

Bautista happens to be the son of a lesbian mother, so it’s understandable why he’d have an extra strong opinion. Amazingly, though, he said he still respects Pacquiao as a fighter and “wishes him well.” But as far as the boxer’s opinions, he can “stick ’em up his ass.”

Dave Bautista, fair and balanced.