Savage Rugby Chick Delivers The Hit Of The Year, Cue The ‘Jacked Up’ Segment

by 3 years ago
Rugby Chick


So USA Sevens Rugby is saying this might be the hit of the year. HIT OF THE YEAR! This steamrolling right here courtesy of a member of the Davenport University women’s rugby squad, which is, in case you didn’t know, the #1 Ranked DII Women’s Team in the country! It’s because they make plays like this! Go Davs (or whatever their mascot is)!

Bringing on shades of ESPN’s gone but not forgotten ‘Jacked Up’ segments, except, you know, it’s women’s DII rugby, not NFL Football. Whatever, this hit was viscous. Deserves the treatment anyway.

This girl’s face says it all:

Rugby Destroyer

Facebook/Davenport Rugby

Pretty sure that girl who went full beast mode on her lowly opponent is named Caren, based on the team’s Facebook page. Way to go, Caren! Nice hit! Thanks for giving me an excuse to watch like 20 minutes of old ‘Jacked Up’ segments just because.

[h/t Barstool Sports]

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