Draft Bust David Carr Has Hilarious Reaction To Daniel Jones Wearing His Jersey Number

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If Daniel Jones turns out to be half the player David Carr was, he would exceed Giants fans’ expectations. And that’s saying something considering Carr is widely regarded as a bust, despite playing in the league for nearly a decade and winning a Super Bowl ring as a backup to Eli. David Carr won a Super Bowl and Dan Marino didn’t. And, over the past 20 #1 overall picks, only two have won a Super Bowl (Eli Manning: 2, and David Carr: 1 as a backup). Sports are a fickle bitch.

The former number 1 pick wore jersey number 8 during his time with the New York Giants, which is the same number assigned to Daniel Jones.

That’s downright insulting to not honor a man who played in a grand total of seven games in three seasons with the Giants.

That jersey should be hanging in the rafters next to Phil Simms and Lawrence Taylor.

David Carr knows this.

Put this photo in Canton!!

Don’t feel bad for David Carr for not living up to the #1 pick hype. Most quarterbacks in the NFL would kill for a jawline this chiseled.

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