David Ortiz Is Selling This Massive $12.5 Million Mansion

David Ortiz

Getty Image / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz is apparently in the process of selling his massive Miami mansion.

It has everything you’d want in a home and more. Additionally, Ortiz put it on the market for a whopping $12.5 million.

According to Front office Sports, the home is 10,200 square feet, 5 bedrooms that are two stories, a massive 16-foot wide shower, a home theater with bar, an entire sports memorabilia lounge, an outdoor kitchen, and a pool with three fire pits.

That is quite a massive house for David Ortiz. But at $12.5 million, no wonder he’s trying to sell it.

If you can afford that home, good for you. If I were Elon Musk or something I’d buy it immediately with cash and say, “nice doing business with you, David Ortiz.” But hey, I’m a dreamer.

Two-story bedrooms are kind of crazy, right? That’s almost like having a mini living room for each bedroom. That might just be too much room for activities.

On top of that, the shower is 16 feet wide. Was David Ortiz doing batting practice in there? That shower is bigger than my car.

The home theater and bar are a nice touch. That’s probably where you’d find me the most if I lived there. Not to mention the sports memorabilia lounge. We can only imagine what legendary stuff David Ortiz has shelved in there.

With all of that said, it sounds like the home is totally worth the $12.5 million. We’ll see how it goes though. We’re sure to receive an update once the mansion is officially sold.

Either way, shoutout to David Ortiz and his family for living like royalty.