David Price Is Paying All Of The Dodgers Minor Leaguers $1k Each For The Month Of June

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LA Dodgers pitcher David Price is helping out minor leaguers in a big way in a week that will see thousands lose their jobs due to the stoppage in play.

According to MLB reporter Francys Romero, Price, who has yet to play a game for the Dodgers organization, will pay $1,000 out of his own pocket to each Dodgers minor leaguer who is not on the 40-man roster during the month of June.

Under a March agreement with the MLB, minor leaguers have been receiving $400 per week but that is set to expire at the end of May and certain teams are already beginning to opt-out from giving players financial assistance in the future.

The Dodgers have since announced that they will extend their $400 payment to minor leaguers through June but it’s currently unclear how long those payments will continue after that.

Good on Price for helping out fellow players during these crazy times.