West Virginia Guard Daxter Miles Predicts Victory Over Kentucky, Says The Wildcats Don’t Play Hard

West Virginia will try to take down mighty Kentucky tonight — something 36 previous Wildcats opponents have failed to do this year. The Mountaineers are a feisty and confident bunch, however, as evidenced by the ballsy comments made by freshman guard Daxter Miles Jr.

“To me, Kentucky, they don’t play hard,” Miles said. “To me they don’t play as hard as we play. Nobody is invincible. To me, their time is going to come. I think we’re going to pull it out (Thursday).”

Miles didn’t run from his comments. He didn’t try to temper them, either.

“Salute (Kentucky) getting to 36-0,” he said. “But tomorrow, they’re going to be 36-1.”

“Thirty-six and one,” he said.

Two things here.

First, this is the exact type of optimism you’d want a David to have before staring down Goliath. One could argue Kentucky has beaten several teams so far by just scaring the piss out of them pregame.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, this bulletin board material is being delivered by the wrong source. It’s not a great idea for Miles, who conceivably has three more years of college ball in front of him, to attach himself to this quote. Let an outgoing senior deliver the Joe Namath-like guarantee.

That way, even if it’s dead wrong — and it likely will be — it will be forgotten as soon as he embarks on his NBA or real-world career.

[H/T: Fox Sports]