A Simple Question That’s Actually So Complex It’s Breaking People’s Brains: Are There More Wheels Or Doors?

Debate Of 'Are There More Wheels Or Doors In The World' Explained

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  • A clip shared by Crystal Palace F.C. poses a simple debate question to the soccer players and that clip si going viral
  • Respondents are quick to give one of two answers but as they ponder the question further it’s so complex the entire world seems to fade away as
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Be prepared to have your mind consumed by the answer to this question. This debate started raging just a few days ago and it originated on Twitter with a man by the name of Ryan Nixon asking a simple question ‘are there more wheels or doors in the world?; 46.4% of people answered ‘doors’ and 53.6% of people answered ‘wheels’.

It doesn’t matter what your answer is because whichever side you fall on wheels or doors, from the moment you start pondering this question you are convinced your answer is correct. Then you start thinking about it even further and you become more set in your ways. Is it wheels or doors?

The debate of whether there are more wheels or doors in the world started raging online but it has since jumped into the physical world. Here at BroBible HQ we’ve been arguing back and forth. I’m firmly in the ‘Wheels’ camp. And this video below is from the Crystal Palace F.C. YouTube channel where the players debate if there are more wheels or doors on planet earth. As you’ll see in the video, this question is about getting into the semantics of wheels and doors.

Crystal Palace F.C. Players Debate If There Are More Wheels Or Doors On Earth

So what is the answer? Are there more doors or are there more wheels on earth?

The beauty of this debate prompt is it’s like your buddies in high school arguing about which is the ‘better’ car, the Chevy Corvette or Dodge Viper. The answer isn’t straightforward and there’s some subjectivity to it.

For anyone out there who thinks there are more wheels than doors, consider that most cars have 4 doors and 4 wheels so they mostly cancel each other out. Then there are an estimated 1 billion bicycles on the road across the planet (2 billion wheels) and an additional 200 million motorcycles and mopeds in use (400 million wheels) not including ones that have been retired and thrown away.

But is it more wheels or doors? We really want to know…

The person with the microphone in the Crystal Palace F.C. points out the wheels inside drawers in a house. There are typically 2 or 4 wheels per cabinet. Those absolutely cancel out all of the doors in a house and then some.

The people arguing there are more doors than wheels suggest that every person on earth lives somewhere that has at least one door but in most cases, multiple doors. And not every person has a car. Some people are trying to count cupboards as doors which is just a trash way to go about the debate.

Here is the original tweet (with 223,000+ votes) with some popular responses below weighing in and presenting their arguments for wheels or doors…

MIT Professor Weighs In On If There Are More Wheels Or Doors

The debate of whether there are more wheels or doors in the world has blown up so hard that people have turned anywhere and everywhere for answers. A reporter from USA Today tracked down MIT professor Carlo Ratti who teaches in the school’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning for an answer.

He prefaced it by saying there are “many ways to look at this” and then led with his gut feeling is there are more doors in the world than wheels. He’s wrong, I don’t care if he’s an MIT professor with a big brain. I’m convinced there are more wheels. Then he went on to point out places like grocery stores, restaurants, stores, and homes that are loaded with doors and not wheels.

I’m guessing nobody stopped to point out to him there are wheels in every cabinet in a house and those WAY MORE than cancel out the doors in a home…

Tottenham Hotspur Players Get In On The Debate

After yesterday’s Crystal Palace debate video, my team, Tottenham Hotspur released a video of their own. It absolutely breaks my heart to see that Harry Kane, the greatest striker on planet earth, is Team Doors.

If any actors or actresses out there are reading this, consider this a warning that if I ever interview you about an upcoming project I will be asking a question. ‘Are there more wheels or doors on earth?’ is a significantly better question than ‘is a hotdog a sandwich?’

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