Get ready to hide from your boss, fire up your sportsbook, and cash in some winners with Debate The Slate Live! That’s right, one podcast a week just isn’t enough so we’re going full O’Reilly and doing it live.

Starting today, the Debate The Slate bros will be live on our Facebook page every Thursday afternoon. Dom and Garrett will break down all the weekend’s action for both college football and the NFL.

From the headliners like Louisville vs Clemson and Lions vs Giants to the potentially sneaky moneymakers like Purdue vs Missouri or Redskins vs Rams, they’ll make their predictions and share what bets they plan to cash!

You can set a reminder on Facebook and catch them live, right here:

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Nothing makes us realize how much we love football more than having to suffer through Tuesday and Wednesday nights without any games. Luckily, much like Jesus, football will return from its three-day hiatus tonight.

It’s start with the glorious matchup between the Cincinnati Yet-To-Score-A-Point Bengals and the Holy-Hell-What-Happened-Against-The-Jags Houston Texans, with Cinci as a two field goal favorite. Alternatively, the Lobos of U New Mexico meet the Boise State Broncos on that god awful blue field for a big Mountain West matchup.

From tonight’s games through Monday Night Football, get ready to lock in your bets and cash with Debate The Slate!

If you can’t join this afternoon’s Facebook Live, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and catch the picks tomorrow morning.