Debate The Slate Vol. 48: Alyssa Purser of ESPN And Penalty Box Radio Chats Hockey And College Football

Welcome to Volume 48 of Debate The Slate where we’re joined by Alyssa Purser!

Alyssa does Event Production and Social Media for ESPN and is an NHL Contributor for Penalty Box Radio. So, needless to say, Alyssa knows her shit.

Coming off a huge and historic gold medal win, we chat USA Women’s Hockey and how big of a deal that win truly is for hockey. Plus, I plug my excitement for the USA Men’s Curling gold medal match. (Spoiler alert, USA won).

Then we dive head first into why this is one of the most exciting weekends for NHL fans, the weekend that leads up to Monday afternoon’s trade deadline. We talk about who could make a big splash with a significant deadline move, including what we think will happen with Erik Karlsson.

To close out our time with Alyssa, we cover her beloved Georgie Bulldogs football squad. We ask her how UGA has gone from good to great in the past couple years and where she sees the program heading. Of course, that leads to talks of whether Kerby can dethrone Saban as the king of the SEC.

All that and more – enjoy the show and be sure to follow @AlyssaPurser on Twitter!


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