Milwaukee Brewers Introducing Deep-Fried Nachos On A Stick, Because Yes We Can

Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, is set to unveil their big food offering of 2015 and it’s deep-fried nachos on a stick. How is such a thing possible? How can nachos, which a solitary item occasionally bound together by the grace of god, be somehow bound to a stick like a corndog? The answer is MAGIC.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell announced the news on Twitter last night, claiming that ‘stick of beef’ will be paired with refried beans, rolled up in delicious Doritos (homemade recipe? Cool Ranch? What’s going on here?), and then placed into the deep-fryer until it reaches a state of blissful perfection, then smothered in (presumably melted) cheese and sour cream.

Why Rovell is choosing to call it a ‘crusted meat stick’ instead of what it is ‘Deep-fried nachos on a stick’ is absolutely beyond me! Of all the things you’re going to try and put a spin on, you’re going to stick to your guns on meat sticks?

This debuting of the deep-fried nachos on a stick comes after a Spring Training season in which an incredible amount of decadent items were announced, such as Fried S’mOreos and Bacon Cotton Candy, and the ‘PB&J Sandwich Deep-Fried In Cap’n Crunch And Topped With Bacon‘.

I’ll tell you what, the mere thought of getting to eat such a delicious creation makes me want to break out the Meatstick Dance: