Behold! A PB&J Sandwich Deep-Fried In Cap’n Crunch And Topped With Bacon

Usually freakish combinations of glorious foods are reserved to wacky minor league teams looking to get some free press, like the Wilmington Bluerocks and their ungodly Krispy Kreme Donut Dog. However NASCAR wants to get into the succulent foodporn game.

The Phoenix International Raceway has unveiled the “CARBuretor Crunch” sandwich and it’s glorious (See, it’s a play on the words “CARBohydrates” AND “CARBuretor.” Get it?). They took a standard issue peanut butter and jelly sandwich and encrusted it in a wondrous Cap’n Crunch batter and deep-fried it to crispy, golden perfection. The magical deep-fried spectacle is then covered with bacon crumbles, fresh sliced bananas and caramel drizzle.

Good God! By the peroxide spikes of Guy Fieri!

“With food being such an important part of the race day fan experience, we asked our chefs to create a one-of-a-kind treat that fans can’t get anywhere else,” said Kristie Maggs, Director of Consumer Marketing & Partnership Activation. “Just like NASCAR, this creation is classic Americana with a little extra horsepower.”

This 900-calorie scrumptious clusterfuck will set you back $7 or $13 for a double order. If all that fried goodness wasn’t enough you even get a photo declaring, “I ate the CARBuretor Crunch.” Because why just talk about your new Diabetes when you can have photo evidence of your new Diabetes.