I Present To You The First Krispy Kreme Donut Hot Dog Bun With Bacon-Covered Hot Dog


You have to respect minor league baseball teams. Just when you think all of the glorious ball park foodporn monstrosities have already been invented they continue to push the boundaries of innovation and your arteries.

The Wilmington BlueRocks, a Kansas City Royals affiliate in Wilmington, DE has stepped up to the plate and created this mouthwatering creation. The minor league team partnered with Krispy Kreme to make the first ever hot dog donut bun. The bun is slathered in raspberry jelly which lubes up the buns for the steamy hot dog to be inserted. This tantalizing wonder is then topped with crispy, salty bacon.

That blend of sweet, savory and hint of tang from the raspberries is giving me a tongue boner right now.

They call it “The Krispy Kreme Donut Dog,” which is probably a better name than “Kremey Weenie.”


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