In This Is So Silly News: Deflategate Football Sells For 43,740, Making It One Of Most Expensive Balls Of All-Time

by 4 years ago

Sorry, you blew your chance to purchase the DeflateGate football. On the six-month anniversary of New England’s 45-7 victory over the Indianapolis Colts, one of the infamous DeflateGate footballs sold for a ridiculous amount of money.

At the world renowned auction house, a football from the AFC championship game that the NFL acknowledged to be one of the deflated balls in the first half was sold on Saturday morning for $43,740. The price is actually less than they expected because Lelands believed that the soft ball could be sold in upwards of $100,000. Despite the “low” price, it is still considered one of the most expensive footballs of all-time.

For comparison, a ball used in the most lopsided game in college football history (Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College 222-0 in 1916) was sold for $40,388 last August. A football used in the 1958 NFL championship game sold for $16,730 in February. So for the same price of the DeflateGate ball, you could have bought two 1958 balls and had enough for a used Honda Accord. Still want a Brady football? Save yourself $38,825 and buy a game-used ball from Super Bowl XXXVI, signed by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, which sold for $4,915 in December.

It’s unclear exactly how much that particular ball was used in the first half, but it was in the rotation of deflated Patriots footballs.

I guess it’s cool if you’re super rich and $44,000 is equivalent to like $73 bucks to you and me. But nearly $50,000 for a football used in a 45-7 blowout that wasn’t even the Super Bowl? Like there isn’t only ONE DeflateGate football, so it’s not like a milestone piece of memorabilia. Seems bananas.

The biggest cost of the football has been to the New England Patriots who were hit with a fine of $1,000,000 and the loss of two draft picks. Brady was suspended four games, and his appeal is currently being considered by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

As far as Brady goes, he’s apparently pissed.


Brady’s long-time teammate Rodney Harrison warned that the suspension will only motivate the 4-time Super Bowl Champion:

“You’ve got way over $100 million in the bank. You’ve got a beautiful wife. You’ve got a beautiful family. The natural tendency would be to say, ‘I can lie in my silk sheets and just enjoy life now. I don’t need football.’ But I’m telling you: This is the best thing that could have happened to Tom Brady. This will rejuvenate him. The rest of the league better look out. This year, he’s going to make everybody pay for what’s happened.”

Still at $44,000 you could buy a brand new Dodge Charger SRT 392.


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