Deion Sanders Is Making The Entire Team Wear Blank Jerseys Until They Earn A Number

Deion Sanders at a press conference

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Deion Sanders is going out of his way to try to change the culture at Colorado in his first year as the Buffs’ head coach.

Earlier this week, Sanders went viral when he kicked a player out of a workout for violating the dress code policy by wearing white socks.

During the first day of spring practice, Sanders once again made headlines when he told all of his players they were going to start off with blank jerseys until they earned their numbers.

“The coaches are going to bring you in every week, they don’t have to give out a number…every week it’s going to be judged, if you’re kicking b_tt then yeah, he gets his number…everything you do around here will be earned, we ain’t giving you nothing.”

Sanders explained his reasoning as why to his players are practicing without the numbers.

“I’m old school, I come from the place you gotta earn it, when my school closed and I wanted to go shopping, I had to get a job and work and earn that. That’s why I appreciate those kind of things.”

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