Deion Sanders Rants About The One Thing Players Say That Drives Him Insane

Coach Deion Sanders

Getty Image / Andy Cross / The Denver Post

It is always important to watch your words when speaking around Deion Sanders.

I interviewed him years ago and at the time made the mistake of asking my fellow FSU alumnus a question about FSU. He stopped me and said ‘I’m thankful for my time at FSU and Coach Bowden but I’m an NFL man now so only ask me questions about the NFL.’

He was a LOT more cordial with me than he was in his latest rant about players. In a video posted by Well Off Media earlier this week, Deion Sanders revealed how he loses his MIND when players say ‘my bad.’ It is the one thing that he never wants to hear a player say again.

Coach Prime said:

“Let me tell you what I hate. OK, this is universal. What does this mean right here? My bad. I don’t believe in violence, but I’m gonna whoop ‘my bad.’ One day I’m going to meet the dude that’s ‘my bad,’ that started ‘my bad,’ and I’m gonna whoop him.”

“I can’t stand that – ‘my bad.’ I know it’s your bad. Coaches hate that. Parents hate that. Don’t say it’s my bad because we know it’s your bad. Shut up and just do it over. Ain’t no ‘my bad.’ Just shut up and do better.”

Deion has an effective coaching style. His players respond to him and he’s become an almost larger-than-life figure in College Football despite having coached many high-profile games so far.

That will change in a hurry.

This season carry ENORMOUS expectations for both his fans and his haters. And the fact that ESPN’s FPI has tabbed the University of Colorado to finish dead last this season doesn’t change any of that.