Danny Kanell, After Already Having Career Ended By Deion Sanders, Gets Dunked On By His Son

deion sanders and his son sheduer

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Football analyst Danny Kanell took to Twitter on Sunday night with a simple question: “Should you storm the field after a win in OT as a 24-point favorite?”

While Kanell didn’t mention the school by name, he was obviously referencing the Colorado Buffaloes’ overtime victory over Colorado State Univesity on Saturday night.

Clearly trying to take shots at Deion Sanders and the Colorado program, Kanell’s gambit blew up right in his face as Deion Sanders Jr. got wind of his tweet and used it to absolutely dunk on him (and, by the way, we know the player in the above photo is Sheduer Sanders — Getty doesn’t have any photos of Deion Jr. at this time)

At the time of this writing, Sanders Jr.’s ownage of Kanell has over 14 million views and 72,000 likes.

As many people on social media have since pointed out, Kanell likely holds a grudge against Sanders considering the fact that the Hall of Famer cornerback virtually ended his career.


While he was playing for the New York Giants in the year 1998, Kanell threw a pick-six to Sanders that virtually ended his career, as he’d be benched following the game and would be cut by the Giants that offseason.

From there, Kanell would sign with the Atlanta Falcons to be a backup quarterback, where he started in just two games across two seasons before signing with the New York Dragons of the Arena Football League in 2002.

To be fair, Kanell did make his way back into the NFL with the Denver Broncos in 2004, albeit as a third-string quarterback.

Following injuries to starter Jake Plummer and backup Steve Beuerlein, though, Kanell actually started in two games from the Broncos during the 2003 season and completed 51% of his passes for 442 yards, two touchdowns, and five interceptions.

Following their 43-35 win over Colorado State, the 19th-ranked Buffaloes (who will surely climb up the Top 25 when this week’s rankings are announced), will look to continue their hot start to the season next weekend against the 10th-ranked Oregon Ducks.

The week after that, Colorado faces perhaps the toughest test of their season as they’ll be taking on fifth-ranked USC and presumed #1 overall pick Caleb Williams.