Parents Are Speaking Out Against Colorado Football Coach Deion Sanders And His Treatment Of Players

Colorado Coach Deion Sanders

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

Deion Sanders has been on a mission ever since the Colorado Buffaloes hired him as their head football coach in early December 2022.

The NFL Hall of Fame cornerback and former Jackson State head coach knew he had a lot of work to do as the coach at Colorado, who went an abysmal 1-11 last year. Many of the losses were embarrassing, including three straight blowout losses to end the season.

There was not a lot of talent on the roster to say the least, and Deion Sanders, made it known at his first team meeting at Colorado when he said this:

“I’m coming. It ain’t gonna be no more of the mess that these wonderful fans, the student body and some of your parents have put up with for probably two decades now. I’m coming. And when I get here, it’s going to change. So I want you all to get ready. Go ahead and jump in that portal and do whatever you’re going to do, because the more of you jump in, the more room you make.”

And, that’s what players have done. An astounding 41 players have entered the transfer portal since Deion Sanders took over at Colorado, including 18 players just on Monday, two days after the spring game. Out of the 83 scholarship players that were on the roster heading into the 2022 season just 20 remain, with graduations also factored in.

But, some aren’t pleased with Deion Sanders’ method, with one player going to Twitter saying that he is not allowing him to send film to teams interested him after entering the transfer portal.

Here are some excerpts from the Denver Post from players and parents who have left the program.

Here’s the thing: Grant Page didn’t jump into the transfer portal when it opened. He says he was pushed.

“I couldn’t have stayed (at CU),” Page, the former Buffs and Fairview wide receiver told me Monday. “I really wanted to. They said it was just best for me to leave.”

John Tyson would call it something, all right. But it’s not something we can print.

“My thoughts on Deion wouldn’t be good, so I’m not going to say anything,” the elder Tyson, father of former freshman Buffs wideout Jordyn Tyson, another Monday portal entry, told me by phone.

“It’s a bad situation for us as a family, I will say that. And it’s unfortunate, but it’s the nature of the system.”

Obviously, Deion Sanders needed to clean out the roster that was so terrible. But, the way he’s going about it may not be the best. And, lack of depth could be a problem for the Buffs.

Colorado opens their season against TCU the first week of September.