Deion Sanders Shows Off Ridiculously Massive New Truck, Shilo Sanders Trolls Him At The Car Dealership

Deion Sanders at the Colorado spring game.

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Deion Sanders is fully embracing his move to the mountains. The head coach recently made a purchase to help him navigate through the snowy conditions in Boulder.

This, coming after rocking a cowboy hat at the Colorado Buffaloes spring game as he welcomes the change in his transition out west.

While he hasn’t gone as far as to create a fake accent like one other notable Power Five coach, he’s certainly doing his part to become a part of the community. And that community is returning the favor.

Look no further than his impact on the local restaurant scene as more and more establishments introduce grits to the menu.

But his latest choice might’ve been a bit extreme.

Deion Sanders took a page right out of Russell Wilson’s playbook, purchasing a new truck upon arriving to Colorado. And by truck, we mean tank.

Over the weekend, Coach Prime’s son, Bucky, posted a video to his YouTube page showing off the new ride.

“My baby’s here,” you can hear Coach Prime say, referencing his truck being delivered to the house.

His son went on to comment on the whip, saying, “This is my dad’s new car. It looks like an 18-wheeler. This thing is huge.”

“You’ve got to jump like Ja Morant to get in my car.” -Deion Sanders

The truck is a Ford F-650 Super Duty, according to Top Speed, which you can read all about HERE. The massive ride even has a custom “Prime” emblem on the grill.

It may not have been the worst decision when you look at Bucky’s current mode of transportation.

While Prime was busy showing off his new wheels on social media, his other son, Shilo, was doing some car shopping of his own at the dealership.

Shilo Sanders trolls Deion at the car dealership

Shilo Sanders posted a video to his Instagram page over the weekend showing him doing some window shopping at the dealership. He apparently found the perfect ride for his father.

Shilo joked that he was setting pops up with an electric vehicle, and let’s just say it’s much, much smaller than the truck we saw Prime posing in front of earlier.


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“For my graduation, I actually got my dad a gift. You know, just being a great dad like you are, you deserve something nice. So, I’m here at the Mercedes dealership, and they just brought these out for me to look at to buy you,” Sanders says before the camera pans to a group of kids’ remote-control cars on the main floor.

“The 2023 model,” Sanders continues while trying to hold back laughter. “They don’t have that many miles on them. They’re electric… That’s why I’m the favorite son. I always keep my dad in mind.”

Coach Prime didn’t find it quite as funny. He commented on the post, hilariously responding, “You definitely ain’t in my will so if something ever happens to me, don’t come to the reading of my will. I did a video of the reading and u don’t want to see it. I promise.”

He also reposted the video to his Instagram with a caption that read, “Just seeing this and you’re ranked #6 and I have 5 kids.”

Sounds like he’ll stick with the Ford F-650.