Deion Sanders Has Had A Surprising Impact On Boulder’s Restaurant Scene Since Arriving In Colorado

Deion Sanders

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There’s no telling how The Deion Sanders Experiment will ultimately pan out at the University of Colorado, but it’s impossible to ignore the immediate impact Coach Prime has had on the school’s football program since taking his talents to Boulder.

The Buffaloes really have nowhere to go but up after finishing with an absolutely dismal 1-11 record in 2022, and Sanders didn’t waste any time shaking things up after he was hired to helm the program in December.

Colorado’s athletic director admitted the university didn’t even have the money to pay Sanders when it offered him a contract. but it seems like it turned out to be a pretty good investment when you consider the new skipper has brought Colorado a ton of national exposure and helped the school sell out its season ticket allotment for the first time since 1996.

As a result, it’s impossible to deny just how influential Sanders has been since joining the team—and based on a recent revelation, his sway extends way beyond the gridiron.

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal published a story concerning the impact the Hall of Famer has had over the course of just a few months, and he’s apparently already managed to leave his mark on Boulder’s culinary scene.

In December, Sanders bemoaned the lack of grits available on the menu at the vast majority of restaurants near the school while taking a tour of the town.


Coach Prime wanted them grits! Lol 😂 .. Just so you know.. North Carolina boy.. recently moved here to Colorado runs this account so I understand the Coach ✊ #deionsanders #coachprime #colorado #boulder #wherethegrits #southernboy ..if you local and know the area.. help coach find those grits!

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It appears a few establishments heard that complaint loud and clear, as Colorado athletic staffer Alexis Williams noted,

“I think all the breakfast spots within so many miles of campus now all have grits on the menu. We call it ‘the Prime Effect’.”

I’d argue Sanders won’t have really made it until grits appear on the menu at the beloved Boulder breakfast institution that is The Buff, but that’s still pretty impressive.