Excitement Around Deion Sanders and Colorado Buffaloes Football Is At A Fervor As Season Tickets Sell Out

Colorado Buffaloes Coach Deion Sanders

Getty Image / Matthew Jonas

The Colorado Buffaloes Football program has been downright awful for coming up on two decades now. Since 2005, the program has had just two winning seasons, one of them being a 4-2 mark in the COVID-shortened 2020 season. The once powerful program, that won a national title in 1990 and narrowly missed a BCS championship game appearance in 2001, had become a laughingstock of the sport.

That was never more evident than in 2022 when the Colorado Buffaloes went an atrocious 1-11. Outside of their win over California, they lost the other 11 games by at least 8 points, including some embarrassing scores like 55-17, 54-7, and 63-21, those three being the last three games of the season.

But, they shockingly hired Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Jackson State coach Deion Sanders as head coach after they fired Karl Dorrell. And, he’s injected new life into the Colorado Buffaloes, recruiting well and assembling enough talent to where they will be competitive next year. And, it has breathed new life into the team, exciting a once-passionate fan base. In fact, the team has actually sold out season tickets this year for the first time in a long time.

Wow. 27 years between selling out season tickets is quite a long time. I’m an alum of a school that has a waitlist for season tickets, so it’s a totally foreign concept to me. But, good for Colorado to get some momentum. Just in time for the PAC 12 to go belly-up!