Dejounte Murray Puts Rookie Paolo Banchero On A Poster With Incredible Self-Tossed Alley Oop

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Dejounte Murray gave rookie Paolo Banchero a little preview of his first season in the NBA over the weekend. The pair were getting in some offseason work as part of the Jamal Crawford “CrawsOver” Pro-Am this week, and Murray gave the No. 1 overall pick a disrespectful welcome to the league.

Banchero was the Magic’s top pick in June, stealing the show with both his abilities and fashion sense. He’s hoping to make an impact in year one, and he’ll certainly have the opportunity to do so.

But before beginning his rookie season, Banchero is working in the offseason. He showed out earlier in the Pro-Am event, going off for 50 points in a previous matchup. While the offensive ability is obviously there, there might be some shoring up to do on the defensive end.

Murray exposed Banchero with an impressive self-tossed alley oop dunk that left the rookie-to-be looking silly.

Dejounte Murray throws down vicious alley oop dunk on Paolo Banchero

Murray embarrassed Banchero with an impressive alley oop. He first duped the big man with pump fake before tossing the ball off the glass and throwing down a one-handed tomahawk jam.

Here’s another angle of the impressive slam.

Fans on social media were talking about Murray’s dunk on Banchero Sunday evening.

Twitter responds to Murray’s slam

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