Dennis Rodman’s Gigantic Back Tattoo Of A Naked Lady Simply CANNOT Be Unseen

Dennis Rodman is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Dennis Rodman. Those two words conjure up a whole cornucopia of images. The Worm has done so many weird things over the years it’s almost unfathomable that he could do something new to shock us. But here he is with a giant back tattoo of a naked woman doing… I have no conceivable idea what she’s doing.

Better yet, I have no conceivable idea what possessed Rodman to get such a monstrosity of a tattoo.

Oh wait, he’s Dennis Rodman. Pfft… what was I thinking? Hell, it’s a photo of a shirtless Dennis Rodman looking at a shirtless Dennis Rodman poster. Why would this tattoo come as any surprise?

Warning: The photo you are about to see is Not Safe For Life.


I’m not kidding.

You’ve been warned.

Okay then. Here you go…

Told you.

H/T Reddit