Flames’ Dennis Wideman LOSES HIS MIND, Viciously Cross-Checks A Ref To The Ice

by 3 years ago

During last night’s game between the Calgary Flames and the Nashville Predators, Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman went apeshit on linesman Don Henderson, cross-checking him to the ice right in front of both benches as the player skated off.

Wideman, who was checked down himself just seconds before his illegal play on Henderson, looked as if he deliberately attacked the referee, presumably, for missing a call on that previous play—which he didn’t even receive a penalty for.

The player did try to address the incident following the game, via Calgary Herald‘s Kristen Odland’s Twitter:

Few bought the excuse after seeing the hit, though, as it appears as if Wideman sped up while approaching Henderson, lowering his shoulder and leaning into the ref to knock him viciously to the ice.

As for possible discipline for Dennis Wideman, according to ESPN, if it’s determined that any player “deliberately attempts to injure an official,” the punishment is an immediate 20 game suspension.

Who knows how this will shake out, but with no remorse immediately after nor visual evidence that it wasn’t anything but a dirty ass play, Wideman should probably expect to be sitting for the next few weeks.

I’m sure details are sure to come.

[H/T Bleacher Report, ESPN]

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