NBA Store Was Selling Denver Nuggets ‘White Pride’ Hats Because Ralph Wiggum Is Apparently Director Of Marketing

Nuggets White Pride hat

The National Basketball Association is a professional basketball league that features star athletes, charismatic coaches, and rebellious owners, but also an organization that houses employees in traditional departments just like any other large company, like MARKETING, for instance.

What you’re seeing above is an actual hat for sale in the official NBA online store, aptly named the “Denver Nuggets Adidas White Pride Slouch Adjustable Hat.” Oops? That’s a pretty big oops.

But then again, I reluctantly agree that an EIGHT-word name for a hat slid off the tongue quite gracefully, like a Dr. J finger roll.

So we’ll call it an ambitious mistake, one that has since been fixed. But only because some poor innocent soul shopping for Nuggets gear happened to stumble upon a “White Pride” hat. And while the NBA can scurry to a computer and hastily rename said hat in a matter of seconds, the scars of that digital shopping experience will probably last forever.

Here’s the new phrasing:

Nuggets White Pride hat fixed

Wait a second. Now it sounds like a hat touting white players who play for the Nuggets.

How about “Adidas Denver Nuggets Pride Hat — White” and we’ll call it a day? Right, NBA Store?



[H/T Deadspin]

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