Viral Picture Of Jacked Derek Carr At Training Camp Has Saints Fans Salivating

Saints QB Derek Carr

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Derek Carr is looking to bounce back with the Saints after his fairly tumultuous stint with the Raiders came to an end last season, and based on the physical transformation he recently showed off at training camp, he seems to be very ready for what’s in store.

The 32-year-old quarterback who was selected by the Raiders in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft has always been a solid player, but I think he’d be the first person to admit he’s not exactly a physical specimen when you compare him to some of the impossibly muscular and athletic guys he’s played against during his time in the league.

Only time will tell how Carr will fare in New Orleans, but it’s pretty clear he’s excited about the change of scenery and has made a great impression on his teammates since he officially became a member of the Saints by signing a four-year deal that could be worth up to $300 million back in March.

Earlier this summer, Russell Wilson turned plenty of heads after showing up to Broncos training camp with a physique that can no longer be compared to a “sack of potatoes,” and while none of Carr’s teammates (at least to my knowledge) have ever used that term to describe him, they definitely won’t be deploying it this year based on how he’s looking.

On Wednesday, the Saints shared a photo of Carr that was snapped at a recent practice and, well, it’s safe to say he has not been skipping arm day based on the impressively jacked biceps and triceps he’s sporting.

Plenty of Saints fans were already eager to see Carr take the field this season, and that picture has only increased the anticipation.

Carr and the Saints are slated to officially kick off their season when they face off against the Titans on September 10th.

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