NBC’s Camera May Have Cost The Oakland Raiders A Touchdown Late In Game Against Chiefs

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In the fourth quarter of last night’s Chiefs-Raiders game, Derek Carr threw a deep pass toward Amari Cooper. Cooper was wide open a but the ball strangely fell flat.

According to several people on the Internet, Carr’s pass may have hit the wires attached to NBC’s skycam cameras.

Here’s a slowmo of the play.

Fred Gaudelli, executive producer of NBC’s Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football, spoke to Deadspin and denies that the ball hit the camera wire.

the camera is always behind the play and cables are really high over the surface. Look at the replay we showed from sky cam – if anything hits the wire it would effect a bump in the camera and you would see that on the air. Also look at the replay after the commercial – look how the ball comes off of Carr’s hand and his follow through – not his normal delivery.

There could be a rational explanation for Carr’s pass falling flat while also not hitting NBC’s camera wires but it will be tough for Raiders fans to believe that right now.

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