Derek Carr Reveals That He Didn’t Wait Very Long To Start Recruiting Davante Adams After The Packers’ Playoff Loss To The 49ers


Getty Image / Ethan Miller

There may not be a single player in the NFL who was given more to be happy about this offseason than Derek Carr. Since the end of last season, Carr has signed a 3-year extension with the Las Vegas Raiders that will pay him $121.5 million. The Raiders also gifted him a reunion with a reunion with his favorite target from his college career, Davante Adams.

Carr has now revealed the part he played in the recruitment of Adams to the Raiders. When discussing the recruitment, he told ESPN’s Tim Keown, “Oh, man, I was egregious.”

Derek Carr says he was “egregious” in his recruitment of Davante Adams

Carr confessed that he texted Adams the day after the Packers were eliminated from the playoffs.

Adams also revealed that he wasn’t all that surprised by what Carr wanted to talk to him about, saying, “As soon as I saw his name pop up, I knew what it was about.”

Luckily for Carr, he won’t have to worry about this revelation creating any tampering issues for the Raiders as the NFL’s tampering rules don’t apply to players.

Carr also discussed how different things are in Vegas with Adams in the building.

In my nine years with the Raiders, I’ve had to answer questions that I don’t think anyone should ever have to answer, especially at 20-something years old. But now that Davante’s come, and the coaches have made it just all about ball, it’s been refreshing for me because I’m not answering questions about this controversy or that. I’m literally just answering questions about football.

Carr’s “egregiousness” will be rewarded this season as he now gets to play with the best target he’s had in his NFL career.

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