Derek Jeter Finally Joined Twitter With A Funny Joke And The Entire Sports World Was Delighted

Derek Jeter Finally Joined Twitter With A Funny Joke And The Entire Sports World Was Delighted

Getty Image / Jim McIsaac

  • ‘The Captain’ Derek Jeter FINALLY joined Twitter on Tuesday morning and he did so with a funny joke about not being on Twitter
  • Jeter was immediately welcomed to Twitter by the entire sports world
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Twitter just gained a new celebrity on Tuesday morning. Derek Jeter aka ‘The Captain’ finally joined Twitter and he did so with a joke that was welcomed by everyone in the sports world.

Frankly, it’s astonishing that Derek Jeter waited until now to join Twitter. He’s one of the legends of the game who is bigger than his sport. I’m not a Yankees fan and Jeter was still an instant follow for me. You can find me on Twitter at @casspa by the way, if you’re throwing around new follows.

Derek Jeter Joins Twitter With A Joke, Gets Welcomed By Everyone

Jeter didn’t wait long to fire off his second tweet:

The sports world was quick to welcome Derek Jeter to Twitter. Some of it was almost certainly coordinated with Jeter asking friends with large accounts to share his first tweet so he could amass followers as quickly as possible. But let’s see what the people are saying now that The Captain is on the bird site.

Sports World Welcomes The Captain To Twitter

If you know, you know…

CC Sabathia welcomes Derek Jeter to Twitter. He recently spoke about The Captain leaving Miami.

Derek Jeter is currently on the board of Rockefeller Capital Management which he joined in April 2021. It’s a wealth management fund that was created after a majority ownership in the Rockefeller family private estate was acquired.

Jeter recently sold off his 4% ownership in the Miami Marlins and I haven’t seen any news on what’s next for him but joining Twitter certainly signals that he’s planning on being more in the public eye.