Deshaun Watson’s Laywer Claims Watson Was In ‘Disbelief’ And Cried When He Learned Women Were Accusing Him Of Sexual Assault

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Deshaun Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin spoke to the media in a lengthy press conference to address the 22 sexual assault lawsuits filed against his client.

While taking questions during his press conference on Friday, Hardin revealed that Watson was “dumbfounded” and cried when he learned that women were accusing him of sexual assault.

When I told him about the first allegation in the third lawsuit that somehow he had used forced in something. I didn’t know him at the time, when I told him he was in disbelief, he asked me two or three times, I forced her? and he just started crying

Hardin went on to address why Watson would need so many massages from different massage therapists and attributed it to spas closing during the pandemic.

Hardin did admit that sexual relationships between Watson and some of the massage therapists happened but that they were all consensual and that he did not believe Watson acted in a non-consensual manner with any of the women accusing him of sexual assault.

“We deeply, deeply do not believe this guy ever did anything nonconsensual with any woman during any of this,” “He didn’t coerce them. We don’t believe he used his position. We don’t believe he intimidated them. We simply do not. Were there sometimes consensual encounters? Yes.”

In the end, Hardin says he plans to take all 22 lawsuits filed against Watson to trial.