Deshaun Watson Makes It Clear He Wants To Reunite With DeAndre Hopkins, Browns Are Noncommittal

Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The Arizona Cardinals ended up releasing DeAndre Hopkins as the franchise enters a rebuild. Now, the superstar wide receiver is a highly sought after free agent.

Rumors are the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills are in an arms race to sign Hopkins. However, it sounds like Deshaun Watson is interested in a possible reunion.

Even so, the Cleveland Browns are remaining noncommittal about the situation.

Watson was asked by reporters about Hopkins becoming a free agent. The veteran quarterback didn’t mince words and stated that he has been in talks with his former teammate.

In fact, Deshaun Watson makes it pretty clear he’d like to reunite with DeAndre Hopkins in Cleveland, per Brad Stainbrook.

The idea of Hopkins playing in Cleveland looks good on paper. He’d be joining Amari Cooper and Elijah Moore to create a rather loaded wide receiver room.

Add onto the fact that Nick Chubb is one of the best running backs in the league, along with Watson playing under center, and you have yourself a potent offense.

Despite that, according to Zac Jackson, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski was noncommittal when discussing the possibility of signing Hopkins.

It makes sense for the franchise to be noncommittal. You never want to show your cards as a head coach or front office.

Even so, the idea of DeAndre Hopkins reuniting with Deshaun Watson sounds like a move the Browns would make. Especially given their recent history of making big decisions.

For now, Hopkins remains as a free agent. But that’s probably not going to last long. Look for the star wide receiver to potentially sign a deal after June 1.