NFL Insider Shoots Down Deshaun Watson To Eagles Trade Rumors, Says Teams Are Worried Watson May Face Jail Time

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It appepars Deshaun Watson isn’t getting traded to the Eagles after all.

On Wednesday night CBS NFL reporter Chris Trapasso claimed that trade talks between the Eagles and Texans for Watson were “heating up.”

Early Thursday morning, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio immediately shut down the Eagles-Texans trade rumors.

According to Florio teams are staying away from Watson until his legal issues clear up due to the possibility that Watson may face jail time for sexual assault charges.

Via Pro Football Talk

Contrary to a report that trade talks between the Eagles and Texans regarding a potential Watson deal are “heating up,” a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that they are not.

The problem at this point is the looming possibility of prosecution. As previously mentioned, Watson’s camp believes that the evidence against him inevitably will be presented to a grand jury. If he’s indicted on felony charges, the NFL undoubtedly will place him on paid leave until the case is resolved. Until then, it’s possible he’ll be convicted and then incarcerated.

“Teams have to wait to make sure jail isn’t a possibility,” one source explained.