The NFL Looking Into Deshaun Watson Shoving Ref, Multiple Personal Foul Penalties Vs Steelers According To Report

Deshaun Watson

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The NFL will be taking a close look at the Browns-Steelers game tape on Tuesday.

On Monday Night, Browns QB Deshaun Watson appeared frustrated with the Steelers and committed multiple personal foul penalties.

Fans noted how many facemask penalties Watson committed against the Steelers.

At one point in the game, a heated Watson shoved a ref aside while arguing with Steelers linebacker Kwon Alexander.

According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, the league will look into Watson’s multiple penalties from Monday night and decide if he deserves to be punished or not.

Via Pro Football Talk

On the possibility of Deshaun Watson’s two blatant face mask fouls and his shove of an official resulting in a suspension, source says this: “All plays will be evaluated and assessed today.”

It’s highly unlikely that Watson would get suspended for his play on Monday Night but will probably get hit with a hefty fine by the NFL.

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