Desmond Ridder To Visit Two Teams With Top 10 Picks


Getty Image / Justin Casterline

  • Desmond Ridder has a busy week ahead of him
  • He currently has visits scheduled with 3 teams, including 2 drafting in the top 10
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With the NFL Draft just a few weeks away, teams are really starting to hone in on their options to address their biggest needs. Some teams may already know exactly who it is they want and are just kicking the tires on some other options if their guy isn’t there. Others may still have some major decisions to make before April 28th.

It’s hard to tell which of those categories Desmond Ridder’s upcoming visits fall under. We had already learned today that Ridder would be visiting with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In that situation, he seems like a backup plan to Malik Willis.

However, he already has 2 other visits lined up and they are both teams picking in the top 10. According to Ian Rapoport, he will be meeting with the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks.

Ridder being selected by either of these teams in the top 10 would likely be the draft’s biggest surprise. For a little while now, it has seemed like Willis and Kenny Pickett are the top 2 QBs on many draft boards. Matt Corral is a little bit of a wild card because of his injury, but could still be third guy up and maybe even slip into that top 2.

Then we get into the tier with Ridder and Sam Howell. It seems very unlikely that either of those guys would climb to the top 10 of this draft. That makes it very unlikely that either of these guys ends up with the Carolina Panthers.

However, there is an interesting scenario where Ridder could become a Seahawk. The Seattle Seahawks own 2 of the top 10 picks in the second round of the draft. If there is a player at a different position they are interested in at pick 9, they could easily draft that player and then land Ridder in round 2 if they believe he could be their quarterback for the future.

In a draft with so many question marks at quarterback, Ridder or one of the other top QBs that falls out of the first round could actually be the safest option.