A Fornite Coach For Faze Clan Is Vlogging His Quarantine Experience, Describing His Symptoms After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

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Yes, Fortnite coaches are a real thing and one has recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

Hugh Gilmour, known as ‘Destinys Jesus’, is a 20-year-old from England who regularly works with FaZe Clan, one of the biggest Esports organizations in the world. He recently returned home to the UK after a 10-day trip to California where he believes he got the virus and has since picked up a camera to vlog his life in quarantine.

“I got back and I was fine. I thought I was just feeling bad because I didn’t sleep or anything on the airplane. I was up for like 20 hours,” Gilmour explains during the vlog.

“I had a long rest day of not doing anything, just sleeping, and then I had an actual productive day where I did my website and stuff. And I felt alright that day, maybe a bit of a fever. And then the next two days I literally couldn’t move. I was just fully stuck in one room, coughing nonstop, had a really bad joint ache, headache, neck ache, all sorts.”

Gilmour is of course still playing Fortnite while in quarantine, but he’s also describing his symptoms and trying to educate his viewers about the virus. He explained that the biggest symptoms are fever, coughing and the headaches, which the latter two symptoms aren’t allowing him to get a good night’s rest.

“You can have it for a long time and not realize, just ’cause the incubation period is like five days,” he said. “Then you have it for a week and you don’t even realize, then the symptoms come out and you’re staying at home but you could have already infected people.”

You can hear a lot of coughing throughout the vlog, which is made up of some gameplay as well as a Q&A. He also uploaded another video clutching a win on the game while fighting a coughing spell.

Despite having such a bad cough and testing positive for the virus, he explains that he hasn’t seen anyone in person since he started the quarantine process. He even says that he’s afraid to go out and buy cough medicine because he lives in a neighborhood made up of a lot of people in the 65-year-old crowd.

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