The Detroit Lions are Very Passionate About Recycling

While I was growing up in Michigan, there was a palpable sense of pride about our state’s steadfast commitment to recycling. One didn’t have to look further than Detroit, birthplace of the auto industry and smoky cloud of the Rust Buckle, to see clean air was a top priority.

So it’s really amazing it’s taken this long for the most beloved team in the Mitten , the Detroit Lions, to wear such passion loud and proud.

No, your eyes won’t be playing tricks on you. Fans who attend the Detroit Lions’ open practice Wednesday at Ford Field will see quarterbacks Matthew Stafford, Dan Orlovsky, Kellen Moore and James Franklin wearing green practice jerseys instead of the traditional red.

The green jerseys will be made from 21 recycled bottles each and are part of the Lions’ new partnership with the recycling fiber brand Repreve.

Fans who attend practice also will receive green Repreve recycled towels and other items.

Oh hell yes! Free recycled towels! Pretty much makes the whole one playoff win since 1957 thing totally worth it.

On the bright side, it sounds like the perfect product to soak up the inevitable tears.

The excitement doesn’t stop there, though. The team also announced Ford Field is getting 500 more recycling bins. If that doesn’t blow your hair back, I’m not sure what will.

[H/T: Detroit Free Press]