Detroit Lions Star Takes Shot At Aaron Rodgers After Trade To New York Jets

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Elsa

After years of suffering at the hands of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Lions got some measure of revenge last season.

Having already claimed a win over the Packers in Detroit earlier on in the season, the Lions headed to Lambeau Field in week 18 with a chance to prevent the Packers from making the playoffs.

They managed to pull it off, beating the Packers 20-16 in Green Bay to bring their season to an end.

Unfortunately, as soon as the Lions got their taste of playing spoiler for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, he decided to leave Green Bay and go play for the New York Jets.

While you would think the NFC North as a whole would be happy with this development, it seems there is one Lion that wasn’t ready to be done playing against Rodgers.

Jared Goff told Detroit Sports Commenter yesterday, “I kind of wish he was still here just so we could beat him twice a year.”

The Lions unfortunately won’t see Rodgers at all in 2023 unless it’s in a Super Bowl matchup.

However, they are expected to have some fun against the NFC North next season. They are currently projected to win their first division title since the early 90s.

While Rodgers is gone, the Lions could still at least go for a second consecutive sweep against the Packers.

With their rivals from Green Bay losing some other key pieces of their offense and turning to Jordan Love full-time for the first time in his career, the Lions will be expected to find plenty of success in those matchups this season.

After years of struggling, that should be enough to keep the Detroit Lions happy in 2023.